Facility Dispatch

24×365 Power Facility Management

Dedicated hourly power dispatching is a critical & required function for a generator in today’s complex grid operations. URICA specializes in providing professional facility dispatch services to give you a competitive edge and maintain compliance.

You can depend on URICA to:

  • Execute Commercial Instructions
  • Direct Facility Output
  • Navigate Regulatory Correspondence

Because URICA does not hold a generation position, we are one of the only companies able to provide truly unbiased and fair dispatching of power assets across our entire client base.

URICA Helps You:

Streamline Facility Operations

Optimize Performance

Improve Cost Efficiency

Realize Cost Savings

Achieve Operational Excellence

Focus on Your Core Competencies

Outsource and Streamline Your Facility Dispatch

With URICA, there is no need to monitor, schedule, and pay for fully-staffed and underutilized dispatch operations. Our team will professionally manage your facility output on your behalf –reducing costs and allowing your personnel to focus on core priorities.

Grid Integration & Operation

URICA’s Real Time Desk provides around-the-clock monitoring, dispatch receipt, correspondence, and output instruction services for any type or size of source or sink asset operating in the Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and US electricity markets. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Offer Instructions and Demand Bids

URICA’s Real Time Desk can proactively navigate your energy offer instructions and demand bids to the energy market on your behalf by coordinating submissions, timing, availabilities, constraints, and obligations. We ensure your energy supply offers and demand bids are submitted in line with your market’s energy offer submission systems, according to ISO requirements.

Energy Restatements

Our Real Time Desk is readily available to assess, draft, and transmit energy restatements directly to the ISO in response to operational changes. Take advantage of URICA’s operations to handle your energy asset’s required restatement submissions, offer price and volume, availability and operational constraints, and force majeure – with uninterrupted service.

Facility Monitoring & Control

URICA monitors your generation facility through your Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. Detection of deviations from normal operating parameters will be assessed, analyzed, and triaged by our Real Time Operators. Human Machine Interface (HMI) allows us to control and manage facility output based on ISO instructions/directives or commercial requirements and perform breaker resets, as required. All physical plant protocols, including communication escalation hierarchy, are documented in Operating Procedures, and approved by you, as our client.

At URICA, our operators leverage in-house developed software for Software-Assisted Monitoring of SCADA systems and electrical asset performance. This advanced integration ensures real-time insights and precise control, enhancing operational responsiveness and reliability. We utilize industry-leading front-end and back-end technologies in developing our custom tools. URICA is committed to responsible AI adoption and machine learning solutions, dedicating resources to review and research AI tools and their impact.

Regulatory Oversight & Compliance

The complexities of understanding prevalent regulations and ISO procedures can be a burden on any electricity market participant. Properly documented processes and market activity are fundamental to skillfully navigating regulatory rules and preserving compliance. URICA’s expertise in ISO rules and procedures substantially benefits asset owners who want to focus on operational performance and elevating their business.

Learn How URICA can unlock your facility’s true potential.

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