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Objective Expert Energy Advice

URICA Consulting & Advisory brings unparalleled expertise, in-depth market understanding, and strong business acumen to your business. We specialize in helping generation or consumption clientele navigate the complexities and regulatory framework of the deregulated electricity market.

Independent, Unbiased Advice

We advise clients on an inclusive range of subject areas, including

  • Exposure Quantification
  • Position Management
  • Regulatory and Legal Proceedings
  • Contractual Agreements
  • Internal Policy
  • Opportunity Evaluation
  • Large-scale Generation
  • Renewable Energy
  • On-site Generation Projects
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

URICA consultants bring vast experience spanning every stage of the electricity process: generation, wholesale, transmission, distribution, retail, and consumption.

Generation Development

Whether generation development is approached as a capital investment or as a way to secure reliable power supply for existing operations, URICA can ensure it becomes a value-added solution to your energy needs.

Generation assets, whether distribution or transmission connected, can be acquired through acquisition or on-site development, which requires a qualified feasibility assessment. URICA has advised on numerous generation projects, where our objective business and economic analysis clearly outline the project’s valuation and costs. By identifying energy-efficient investments, we can recommend projects that will yield the highest returns.

URICA also facilitates the administration and oversight of the Alberta Utility Commission (AUC) Rule 007 filing process.

Data Centre & Cryptocurrency Mining Development

URICA guides entities seeking to establish electricity intensive data centers or cryptocurrency operations. From concept through analysis, planning, and implementation, we provide expertise on acquiring low-cost power for the facility – whether sourcing a raw commodity, like natural gas, for an on-site generator or a grid-connected offtake from existing generation options.

URICA can assist with the triangulation of fiber, physical access, and workforce with the fuel source – as well as providing direction on costing, regulatory, and structuring to select the right location for your data-centric, power-intensive operation.

Commodity Forecasting & Modeling

URICA builds multi-commodity market pricing and proprietary forecasting models – through a balanced assessment of economic dynamics and trusted industry sources. With timely, objective information on energy market conditions and issues, URICA clients are equipped to make sound decisions necessary to gain a competitive edge.


URICA Alberta Energy Market Weekly Report

A historical and forward summary of Alberta power, gas, and heat rate performance and trends. All in an easy-to-understand format alongside current industry news and commentary.

URICA Long-Term Commodity Forecast Report

For businesses with a long-term investment or interest in the Alberta power market. Our 20-year, fundamentals-based outlook considers and quantifies supply & demand drivers to produce a robust extended forecast for prices and peak demand.

Regulatory Consulting

Our team of specialists provides professional consulting and advisory services across the entire electricity value chain – sharing our deep insight and understanding of the regulatory environment and rules governing Alberta’s deregulated energy market.

Working on behalf of our clients, we collaborate with the ISO, private and public stakeholders, market participants, utilities, oversight bodies, and related agencies to achieve constructive solutions. From facility interconnection to legal evidence filing, our broad understanding of the regulatory environment gives our clients a competitive advantage.

Market Research
& Insight

URICA develops research papers and strategy documents on key electricity industry topics and issues. These papers are routinely brought forward for discussion with market participants and our clients to enable learning and knowledge sharing.

Based on client-specific needs, URICA can conduct independent research, develop models, and distill complex subject matter into easy-to-understand formats for any audience.

Make Strategic Decisions with Greater Confidence.

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